Claudio Napoleoni

Perfectly bilingual male voice over talent !


Claudio Napoleoni

Bilingual voice talent - CN voiceOvers

OK… So, who is Claudio Napoleoni ?

Claudio is a professional bilingual male voice talent whose education ans training has led to thousands of voice projects ranging from ads to documentaries, promos, e-learning, how-to campaigns and so much more. Being multi-lingual is and asset. Claudio understands and speaks many languages but primarily offers narrations and voice overs in languages we can speak fluently!  Both English and French-Canadian voiceovers are offered for:

  • Documentaries;
  • TV and radio ads;
  • Promotions and corporate presentations
  • Docu-drama
  • Historic museum pieces. etc

2017 GOLD MUSE Prize Winner for a documentary narration, Claudio has a voice style that is honest, sincere, smooth and friendly. He is trained and skilled in both language  providing French Canadian and Neutral English, perfectly… without any accent. He also plays characters role or voices with accents when required or can interchange languages, according requirements.

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Perfectly bilingual voice over professional.

World-wide presence in TV, radio documentaries and corporate videos…

It seems there are no limits to this voice over professional talent. Claudio Napoleoni participated as a narrator and voice over talent for thousands of voice jobs for cutomers all around the the world. Welcoming local and global clients daily.

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Customers’ comments

This is man that understands marketing and the sense of professionalism. He shows dedication and creativity to every project. His relentlessness pursuit for perfection and a fantastic work ethic matches his  attitude and warm narrator voice. We just love working with Claudio

“Claudio Napoleoni has a wonderful contagious and cheerful personality. Furthermore, he has a in-depth knowledge of marketing. He recognizes the importance of every project and its primary purpose. His determination, professionalism and perfect bilingualism reflects the image of a great person that I won’t hesitate to hire again and again!”

Sonia Eye Media

”As a professional a voice talent as it gets!  Witty, clear, sharp and a great person with tremendous talent!. Claudio is highly recommended.”

Angela Montemiglio

B.Éd.Phys., Concept total Santé , Terrebonne, Quebec (Vitality circuit)

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