About CN VoiceOvers

Claudio is a bilingual narrator whose warm and flexible voice brings a professional element to your video project.  This Canadian voice talent was born in Montreal, Quebec, raised in French and Italian but educated in English allowing him to perform voice-overs in several languages. Over the years, he has honed his craft through mentors, acting classes and voice coaches in order to perfect infliction, tone, diction and style which we added to his broadcasting experience.





Laval Rocket finds announcer voice talent- Claudio Napoleoni

Golden Muse statue awarded to Claudio Napoleoni 2017

2017 Gold Muse Award winner

Claudio Napoleoni- 2017 Gold Muse Award winner for The seven Fires Totem documentary

Who is Claudio Napoleoni ?

Claudio is a bilingual narrator whose warm and flexible voice brings a creative and professional element to your project.  His french-Canadian upbringing coupled with English education has provided him with an envious position to provide:

Narrations for Documentaries;
Voice overs for TV and radio ads;
Vo’s for Promotions and corporate presentations.

His voice is well suited  for honest, sincere, smooth and friendly voiceovers. He works perfectly in French-Canadian and Neutral English without any accent but can also play characters with a Southern American, Australian or  British accents when required

His voice versatility and voice style and versatility have made him a well- sought commodity in  Montreal and Quebec markets, not to mention Canada-wide and  throughout the US.

Source Connect allows him to reach out to studios around the world!

”Finding the right, talented voice is tough.  Finding a TRULY perfectly bilingual voiceover  talent is nearly impossible, BUT Claudio IS that voice talent”

Efficient, well-executed narration work, delivered in a timely fashion is what id offered with Claudio…

Ad campaigns sound awesome

Corporate stories are told compellingly

Product promos are pitched convincingly

Sales presentations get right to point.

Documentaries truly hit home, while explainer videos.. educate!

That’s what you can expect when you chose this narrator!

The appropriate voiceover fit, infliction,diction and style are essential to any project, film or video!

The voice has to reflect the intensity, delivery and/or role-play you are looking for.  The Voice Talent you choose, must be honest with itself in order to deliver the proper message to your targeted clients… and…. do so, with real results.

I am proud to have of a voice-over career that has thrived for over 20 years with projects in more than 200 cities that count hundreds of satisfied customers.   Lets work together!

Customer’s comments

Claudio now counts thousands of satisfied customers and projects that he can be proud of. His relentless work ethic ,constant quest for perfection and his versatile narrations make him a great choice for any producer or project manager.

“Claudio Napoleoni has a wonderful, memorable and cheerful personality. Furthermore, he has a in-depth knowledge of marketing and advertising. He recognizes the importance of every project. He is determined, professional and perfectly bilingual which is why won’t hesitate to hire again and again!”

Sonia Eye Media

”As a professional voice talent, Claudio takes every project to heart and makes sure everyone is satisfied. I highly recommended using Claudio for your next project.”

Angela Montemiglio

B.Éd.Phys., Concept total Santé , Terrebonne, Quebec (Vitality circuit)