Frequently asked questions to a Narrator / VO Talent

You’ve never worked with a professional Voice-over Talent / Narrator before ?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that will surely provide the answers you are looking for. However, you can still contact me and it’ll be my pleasure to answer.

Why work with me (Claudio Napoleoni) ?

  • More than 20 years of experience as a narrator, host, announcer and actor.
  • I participated in many award-wining campaigns (ads, documentaries, special projects).
  • Professional narrator with a hi-tech studio.
  • Quick turn-around time, multiple format file delivery
  • I am a team player who understands and adapts to specific markets.
  • Perfect bilingualism (French and English). I also speak Italian and Spanish.
  • I am proud to have excellent reputation based on respect, honesty and integrity.

How quickly can I expect the voice over files to be delivered?

Depending on the emergency and the length of the project, I’m easily can easily manage my schedule in order to respect your deadlines. I understand that time constraints happen where a file delivery is needed the same day, same hour or a couple of days later and so, I will make sure you know where we stand and will be more than happy to provide a quick turn around for you.

How can I be sure to have the right voice style for my project?

Having a versatile voice talent gives you the opportunity to specify the style or voice tone that you need.Providing a good script with clear instructions, I can supply a sample demo ( free of charge).  Also,please take the time to listen to my audio and video clips – they will be able to guide you towards a relevant style.

How much can i expect to pay for a project narration or voice-over?

Professional narrators such as myself, offer their talent, education and expertise, same as other professionals. That being said,our prices are substantially based on the level of professionalism we offer. My pricing structure reflects the quality of your work and respects your budgets as well!

I therefore invite you to share your project with me so we can discuss and elaborate a price that will suit to both sides.

Beware of prices that are too low, as these generally reflect part-timers, beginners or people who only do what professionals do… but on a part-time basis!

How can I pay for the voiceover service?

I provide an invoice and I make it as easy as possible for you. I accept payments through Check, PayPal, Interac, Acces-D, Bank Transfer and Direct Deposit.

Are you available for documentaries, TV series or TV hosting?

I am fully dedicated to my work so it’ll be my pleasure to work with you or your DOP on any TV or web series project. Long or short-term.

YES, I am also available for narrations, show hosting as well as to work with you on Cam, as an extra and / or conduct interviews.

Your face and voice seem familiar to me... Where have I seen or heard your voice?

As a narrator and voice over talent, it’s important to be as versatile as possible. We almost have to become like a chameleon I order have a chance to take part to various projects. That being said, I have auditioned and voiced thousands of projects. I have played a deer character for TV ads and video games. I got the chance to be the VOICE OF GOD in radio and TV spots… I am the narrator behind the Expedia Montreal Tarvel Guide  as well as a goofy lab professor for a tire company. I played roles as an extra on TV series called THE LOTTERY and have been the President’s attaché for X-Men Days of Future Past 

My voice has been used as a customer, a doctor, a distressed parent, as an narrator in museums, as an announcer on poker apps. I have voiced documentaries, provided sound bites for airports and train stations, I have been the home announcer for various sports venues AND …my voice was also used for voice recognition tools!  I work with a variety of studios all around the world to produce corporate videos, radio branding, Government programs. I work with small businesses as well as multinational companies, such as Google, Hockey Canada, Expedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and…I have done so in both English and French-Canadian.

I was also surprised to hear my own voice set to a promo spot on a local radio ad in Borneo (Kalaweit Radio) !    VERY COOL!

So… I can’t tell you exactly where you heard or saw me, but being part of projects on Radio and  TV in the US, Canada, Europe and even Africa, not mention the web…channels, I couldn’t precisely tell you where you heard me… but I am sure you have !  (Chuckle)

Do you charge for voice picks-up or modifications ( RE-DOs) ?

I offer a work with a great level of satisfaction, should there be a pick up or correction to be made based not based on a script change, it’ll be my pleasure to offer you the updated voice file at no extra cost.

Should a modification be required due to a script change requested by you or an agency…

a small additional fee will apply.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


What sound quality can I expect? What kind of equipment do you use?

The equipment that I use in my studio is a broadcast quality:
  • Microphone : Neumann TLM 67.
  • Microphone : Marshall MX:V0: 1st edition Harland Hogan.
  • Summit 2BA-221 pre-amp, Summit TLA-50 Tube Leveller.
  • Triad-Orbit supports & orbital Adaptors (really cool – I recommend).
  • Focusrite & Rolland soundcards.
  • Sound softwares : From Adobe Audition 3.0 to Soundbooth CS5.
  • Connexion Source Elements Source-Connect 3.0.
  • M-Audio AV40 Monitors.
  • Soundproof booth.

Where is your studio? Where does Claudio come from?

Although my career had me travelling around the world for a while – in Australia, Canadian Arctic and many of cities throughout the United States…

I call the Montreal area my home now.

In fact, my studio is located in Quebec’s second biggest City called Laval, where I am merely 15 minutes away from Downtown Montreal.

Can I monitor or provide direction while you record?

Yes, in fact not only can you listen in via Phone patch or Free- skype session, If you have your own studio across the world, you can also record my voice on your end of the studio using Source Connect (source connect handle is CN VOICEOVERS) free-of charge, you can therefore have your customer sitting-in comfortably with  while recording from a distance.

Can I book a voice or on- camera session directly through you or do I need to go through an agent?

I am a non-union voice talent. Although the goal is to someday land a long term deal that may require me to change my status to Fi-Core of union… at this point you can book your voice or on-cam session through me directly.

I do have some representation in many parts of the world and so, if you find me through a specific agency, it is best that you book my services through them especially if you have already registered or contracted a job with them. It does not change anything; this simply keeps everyone on professional playing field.  IF in doubt… call or email me directly

Can you voice in several languages? Are you able to play characters with accents?

I have worked hard and trained extensively to provide voiceovers that are considered voiced in a  neutral North American English. I also fluently speak French-Canadian and can provide an international French as well as French-Canadian and harsher regional Quebecois accents in French.

My diversity in range and accents allows me to provide some regional American accents such as Mid-west or Southern American. I can also provide mix of accents my character voices when required.

Do you offer other services?

  • Text formulation, text translation and text adaptation.
  • I can provide translations for advertising texts and I also have access to many translation companies, specialized in many lines of business.
  • International voices (other languages). If you need a professional voice in German, Spanish and more, I work with a lot of talented people who can provide everything you need.
  • On camera : I’m available for TV and video projects.
  • On-hold phone messages : I am also a co-owner of a business specialized in the production of on-hold or waiting phone messages and we provide professional voices, royalty-free music adapted to your business. We also produce texts that are great for you!

Contact Claudio Napoleoni /  CN Voiceovers right now !

Should you have more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

It’ll be my pleasure to answer your questions!