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Male Bilingual Professional Voice Talent in Montreal

Claudio Napoleoni, from CNVoiceOvers is a professional voice talent located in Montreal who offers perfectly bilingual voiceovers. Although multilingual, he provides voice-overs in Neutral English and in French-Canadian as well, with or without accent.

Male Bilingual Professional Voice Talent

CN VoiceOvers services consist of ;

  • Bilingual narration recordings
  • English narrative recording
  • French-Canadian narration recordings
  • Script adaptation
  • Voice over
  • Voice Overdubbing
  • Home field announcer for semi-pro and Pro sports teams (Soccer and Hockey)
  • Translation from English to French (minor script lengths)
  • Translation or localization from French to English (minor script lengths)
  • Production of narrations with voice over
  • Addition of special effects and a few free of rights musical frames
  • French voice-over documentary narration
  • English voice-over narration
  • Narration with bilingual voiceovers for the same script

Need a male bilingual professional voice talent? Make CN VoiceOvers your first choice!

Claudio Napoleoni (CN Voiceovers) has provided his male professional voice talent to world-wide projects. Large and small! From corporate videos to student films, independent short films, TV and radio ads etc. Some voiceover projects include;

  • Documentaries
  • Radio ads
  • TV ads
  • Trailers (movies and video games)
  • Podcast intros
  • Promotional narrations for radio
  • Promotional narrations for television imaging
  • Corporate videos
  • Award show presentations (Deloitte, Mazda, KIA, Canada’s Governor General’s awards)
  • Point of purchase video demos
  • Professional sports venue announcements ( home announcer semi-Pro, Pro sports)
  • Explainer videos
  • Educational and how-to videos
  • Products and services promotions
  • Product launches
  • Cartoon character voice
  • Voices for Animations and animatronic devices
  • Radio and TV ads
  • Web series demos and trailers
  • Video game characters
  • Bilingual voiceovers for government, corporate and private programs

Male Bilingual Professional Voice Talent

Male Bilingual Professional Voice Talent

The advantage is that with Claudio’s male bilingual professional voice can be used for a myriad of voiceover projects requiring accents as well! CN Voiceovers can work with different accents;

  • French-Canadian Male professional voice talent
  • Male professional voice narrator for Quebec French audience
  • International French Male professional voice-over
  • Deep professional voice talent in French with English accent
  • Masculine professional voice talent in Canadian English
  • Male professional voice in American English
  • Professional voice-actor English with French accent
  • Male professional voice with British accent
  • Masculine professional voice in Southern American English
  • Friendly professional voice in American English


Claudio Napoleoni’s bilingual voice talent style and voice range has been described as;

Semi-deep to deep voice, Warm, friendly, Masculine, Comforting, Serious, Dynamic, Flexible, truly bilingual, Honest, Sincere, Kind, Confident, Credible, Quiet, Technical, Energetic, Urgent, Poised, Collected, Aggressive with Hard Sell when needed. Plus Claudio has a great voice to hit the Optimus prime’s proud intonation voice style.

Claudio Napoleoni was born in Montreal, Quebec, from a French Canadian mother and an Italian father. Growing up in a multi-lingual environment made it easier to learn and perfect languages accents and intonations.

He proudly accepted his 1st Creative MUSE AWARD in 2017 for his documentary narration on a project called THE SEVEN FIRES TOTEM.  His bilingualism also gave him the freedom to work on world-wide scale for an impressive amount of projects and companies ranging from small to fortune 500.

Truly versatile, Claudio from CNVoiceOvers collaborated on  professional voice over projects in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, United States, South America, Europe, Australia, China, Russia, South Africa, Borneo and beyond!

Male Bilingual Professional Voice Talent

Need a male bilingual professional voice talent? Give your project to CN VoiceOvers!