Camera Shy ?   No Way!

Claudio Napoleoni has gotten comfortable behind the microphone over the years. That has led him to also steer away from his confort zone. Doe that make him Camera shy ?  NO WAY!

Claudio is available for on-camera projects for TV ads and SOCs, Silent-On-Cam roles.  In fact, He was an extra in the movie X-Men, days of Future Past as the American President’s attaché which was filmed in Montreal in May 2013.

 He was also on-Camera for a small role in the TV series The Lottery in 2014. As well as several on-line videos for Toyo Tires in the role of the french Canadian Nutty professor, from which he was also the main expert on the French-Canadian Toyo Tires commercials.

From the psycho guy to the family’s patriarch, through to the husband, the sports coach, motivation guy, best friend or even the everybody’s neighbor, Claudio can easily find himself in a religious man, paparazzi or radio host characters. When it comes to recount of crime scenes, documentaries or TV ads, think of Claudio Napoleoni!

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